Nitrogen Oxide Nox sensor 5WK9 6614J 8-Wire 24V 590mm

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5WK9 6614J   5WK96614J

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Nitrogen Oxide Nox sensor 5WK9 6614J 8-Wire 24V 590mm

The regeneration process
The highest quality is a priority for us! To get the highest quality product, each sensor is dismantled for the first part. Then it is cleaned, painted, and regenerated. The metal probe is replaced with a completely new one. Regeneration is carried out on the original components and software.
The entire process is performed by the best specialists and with the utmost care. The device is functional and tested.


Size (with packaging)
Weight: 0,5 kg
Length: 20 cm
Height: 11 cm
Width: 9 cm

Product applications
The Siemens VDO / NGK Smart NOx-Sensor is a stand-alone, multifunctional sensor, which measures both the NOx concentration and the air/fuel-ratio lambda (λ) in the exhaust gas. In order to comply with the forthcoming emission legislation, such as Euro IV, V, US2007), the sensor helps to control different kinds of exhaust gas after treatment both at gasoline and diesel engines, e.g.:
1. Regeneration of NOx storage catalyst at lean-burn gasoline and diesel engines
2. On-board-diagnosis and closed-loop control of Selective-Catalytic-Reduction (SCR) applications at Light and Heavy Duty Trucks
The Smart NOx-Sensor consists of the sensing element (material: Zirconia multilayer ceramics in metal housing) and the electronic control unit, combined by an approx. 600mm (24 inches) cable. Similar to a wide-range linear lambda sensor, electro-chemical pumps adjust the oxygen concentration in the cavities of the sensing element.
The NOx concentration in the exhaust gas is proportional to
the electrical current controlling the pumps. Based upon the physical measurement, the electronic control unit generates 3 output signals (NOx, binary, linear). The signals are transmitted to the engine ECU digitally via CAN bus.
Product benefits
Helps to achieve emission legislation
Fulfills On-Board-Diagnosis requirements
Increase of fuel economy
Wide range of applications:
– Gasoline / Diesel
– Passenger car / Truck
Triple signal output: – NOx-concentration
–  linear lambda (λ)
– binary lambda (λ)
– Digital data transmission via CAN-Bus
Integrated control Electronics –no further hardware in engine ECU required
Independent of catalyst supplier, ECU supplier and engine management System – no adaption necessary
Product technical specifications
ZrO2-based multilayer sensor with 3 oxygen pumps
Triple output signal (NOx, linear λ, binary λ)
Supply voltage: 12V or 24V
range: NOx: 0 – 500ppm or 0-1500ppm
lin. λ: 0,75 to air
bin. λ: >0,75V at λ=0,9; <0,2V at λ=1,1
Accuracy: NOx: at 100ppm and 500ppm: ± 10%;
at 0ppm: ± 10ppm
lin. λ: at λ=1: ±6 (1000/λ ) fresh
bin. λ: 1,002 ± 0,008
Response time
(33-66%): NOx: 750 msec
lin. λ: 550 msec
bin. λ: 100 msec
communication: standard (500kbaud, 11bit) or extended (250kbaud, 29bit) Data update rate: 10 msec


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm

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  1. Ayako Bynum

    good quality, I buy 4 pcs this time, all can work, thanks

  2. Brandon Dalton

    The Nox sensor work well, thanks for fast action

  3. Loveable

    supper nice, good quality sensors

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