A Doosan NOx sensor is a type of sensor used on Doosan heavy equipment to measure nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in the exhaust stream. The sensor is usually mounted in the exhaust system and is designed to detect the amount of NOx being produced by the engine. 

NOx sensors are critical components because they help ensure that the engine is running efficiently and isn’t exceeding emissions standards. If the sensor detects high levels of NOx, it will send a signal to the engine control module (ECM) to adjust the fuel/air mixture or other engine parameters to reduce emissions. This helps to ensure compliance with local and national emissions regulations and can help extend the life of the engine.

Doosan offers a range of NOx sensors that are specifically designed for use with heavy equipment. These sensors are built to be durable and reliable, and are capable of withstanding the harsh operating conditions typically found in construction, mining, and other heavy industries.

The OEM (original equipment manufacturer) number for Doosan NOx sensors can vary depending on the specific sensor and engine model. However, here are two examples of Doosan NOx sensor OE numbers:

1. OE number A3C05834100-01, which is used for the Doosan SNS3074A NOx sensor.

2. OE number A3C40108300, which is used for the Doosan DL06 NOx sensor.