The JCB NOx sensor, also known as JCB exhaust gas sensor, is a critical component of the emissions control system. It is responsible for monitoring and measuring the level of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases produced by JCB construction equipment such as excavators, loaders, and backhoes. A faulty NOx sensor can cause the engine to run poorly, reduce fuel efficiency, and increase emissions, potentially leading to environmental regulation violations. It is recommended to use genuine JCB NOx sensors or compatible alternatives from reliable manufacturers to ensure good performance, fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions.

The JCB NOx sensor OE number can vary depending on the specific JCB equipment model and year of manufacture. It’s recommended to check your JCB operator’s manual or contact an authorized JCB dealer to obtain the correct OE number for your JCB NOx sensor. This will ensure that you purchase the correct replacement part that is compatible with your JCB construction equipment. Using the correct OE number for your JCB NOx sensor will ensure optimal performance and environmental compliance.

the popular JCB NOx Sensor OE numbers and their corresponding Continental NOx Sensor OE numbers:

  • 1. JCB 332/J5060 – Continental A2C12690000-01, A2C12690000-02, C13-0035
  • 2. JCB 332/J5063 – Continental A2C9626040080, A2C9626040081
  • 3. JCB 332/J5065 – Continental A2C9626040180, A2C9626040181
  • 4. JCB 02/202189 – Continental C13-0086

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