FORD uses NOx sensors in their diesel engines to monitor and control the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx). These sensors are typically located downstream of the diesel particulate filter and are responsible for measuring the concentration of NOx in the exhaust gases. If the NOx levels are too high, the engine management system will adjust the fuel injection and boost pressure to reduce emissions.

FORD NOx sensors are usually designed to be replaced as a unit, rather than being repaired. If your FORD diesel engine is displaying an emissions-related fault code or warning light, it’s possible that the NOx sensor has failed and requires replacement.

If you need a replacement NOx sensor for your FORD diesel engine, purchase a genuine FORD sensor or a high-quality aftermarket sensor compatible with your specific engine model. Be sure to also follow the installation instructions carefully to avoid any installation errors that could cause further problems.

  • – FORD OE part number: BC3Z9D378A
  • – Continental part number: 5WK9 7024
  • – FORD OE part number: CC3Z 5J213-B
  • – Continental part number: 5WK9 6622
  • – FORD OE part number: AG9E 9D378-BA
  • – Continental part number: 5WK9 6633B
  • – FORD OE part number: CK4Z 5J213-D
  • – Continental part number: 5WK9 7023C