An NOx sensor is an emissions control device that detects the levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx) gases in the exhaust system of vehicles that use diesel engines. It is used to monitor and regulate the emissions produced by diesel engines, which can have a significant impact on the environment and human health.

IVECO NOx Sensor OE Number List:

The IVECO NOx sensor OE number may vary depending on the specific model and year of the vehicle, but some common OE numbers for IVECO NOx sensor are:

  • – 504231201
  • – 504245257
  • – 5801576497
  • – 5801355044
  • – 5801466594
  • – 504371817
  • – 5801519923
  • – 5801513939
  • – 5801513942
  • – 5801519916
  • – 504371845
  • – 504245344

Which models use IVECO NOx sensors:

IVECO NOx sensors are used in a range of vehicles that are equipped with diesel engines. Some popular models that use IVECO NOx sensors include:

  • – IVECO Daily
  • – IVECO Eurocargo
  • – IVECO Stralis
  • – IVECO Trakker

It is important to use the correct NOx sensor for your IVECO vehicle, as the wrong sensor could lead to improper emissions control, decreased fuel efficiency, and overall reduced performance. If you suspect that your NOx sensor is faulty, it is best to replace it with a genuine IVECO part to ensure proper function and compatibility with your vehicle.