Renault NOx Sensor: Introduction and Function

A NOx sensor, also known as an NOx detector, is an essential component of modern diesel engines. It measures the amount of nitrogen oxide emissions that come out of the engine, ensuring that the car is compliant with environmental regulations.

The Renault NOx sensor is responsible for detecting the levels of nitrogen oxide in the car’s exhaust gases. It then sends this information to the car’s engine control unit (ECU), which adjusts the engine’s performance to minimize emissions.

Renault NOx Sensor OE Number List

Here are some of the OE (original equipment) numbers for Renault NOx sensors:

  • 5WK96683D
  • 5WK96683C
  • 5WK9 6683B
  • 5WK96682D
  • 5WK96682C
  • 5WK9 6682B

Which Renault Models Use a NOx Sensor?

Renault uses NOx sensors in many of its diesel engine models. Here are some examples of Renault models that use a NOx sensor:

  • Renault Megane
  • Renault Scenic
  • Renault Laguna
  • Renault Koleos
  • Renault Master
  • Renault Trafic
  • Renault Kadjar

If you own a Renault diesel engine model and notice a check engine light or receive an error code related to the NOx sensor, it’s crucial to have the sensor replaced as soon as possible. This will ensure that your car remains compliant with environmental regulations and will help prevent further damage to the engine.

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