Renault is a popular automobile brand that is known for producing high-quality cars that are both reliable and efficient. One of the key features that make Renault cars stand out is their advanced emissions control systems, which help to reduce the impact of their vehicles on the environment. One important component of these systems is the NOx sensor, which is a critical part that helps to measure the amount of nitrogen oxide (NOx) that is being emitted by the vehicle.

If you own a Renault car, it is important to ensure that your NOx sensor is working properly at all times. A faulty NOx sensor can result in decreased performance, reduced fuel efficiency, and increased emissions, which can ultimately lead to environmental pollution and higher operating costs.

To help keep your Renault NOx sensor in good working order, there are several steps that you can take. First and foremost, it is important to schedule regular maintenance appointments with a qualified Renault technician. During these appointments, the technician will be able to inspect your NOx sensor and other critical components of your vehicle, and make any necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure that everything is working as it should.

In addition to regular maintenance, there are also several things that you can do as a vehicle owner to help ensure that your NOx sensor is working properly. For example, it is important to avoid driving your Renault car under harsh conditions that could damage the sensor, such as extreme temperatures or rough terrain. It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, which will help to keep your vehicle running smoothly and prevent any potential problems from developing.

Overall, the Renault NOx sensor is an essential part of your vehicle’s emissions control system, and it is important to take care of it in order to ensure that your car is operating at peak performance. By following the tips outlined above, you can help to keep your NOx sensor in good condition and ensure that your Renault car is running smoothly and efficiently.

If you are in need of a new NOx sensor for your Renault car, it is important to know the OE (Original Equipment) number for the specific model and year of your vehicle. Here is a list of Renault NOx sensor OE numbers for various models:

  1. Renault Clio IV: OE number 8201162419
  2. Renault Captur: OE number 8201162419
  3. Renault Kadjar: OE number 8201162419
  4. Renault Megane III: OE number 8201162419
  5. Renault Scenic III: OE number 8201162419
  6. Renault Trafic III: OE number 8201162419
  7. Renault Master III: OE number 8201162419
  8. Renault Twingo III: OE number 8201162419
  9. Renault Kangoo II: OE number 8201162419

It is important to note that these OE numbers may vary depending on the specific year and model of your Renault vehicle. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult with a qualified Renault technician or check your vehicle manual to ensure that you have the correct OE number for your NOx sensor replacement.

In conclusion, the Renault NOx sensor is a critical component of your vehicle’s emissions control system, and it is important to ensure that it is functioning properly. By using the correct OE number when replacing your NOx sensor, you can help to ensure that your Renault car is operating at peak performance and is reducing its impact on the environment.

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