NOx-Sensor is a stand alone, multifunctional sensor, which measures NOx concentration and air/fuel-ratio in the exhaust gas.

The sensor system comprises a ceramic NOx sensor linked to a microprocessor. By communicating with the vehicle’s engine management, the system ensures optimal control of key engine parameters such as exhaust gas recirculation, fuel-air ratio and, for SCR systems, urea injection. The Continental sensor is employed in both cars and light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles in combination with SCR emissions control. It is also used to control the regeneration cycles of NOx storage catalysts, which feature not only in diesel vehicles but also in modern direct-injection gasoline engines.


  • Measurement ZrO2-based multi-layer sensor with integrated heater and 3 oxygen pumps
  • 3 output signals: NOx, linear, binary
  • Supply voltage: 12 V/ 24 V
  • Data link: SAE-J-1939
  • Self-diagnosis: Open -/ short-circuit on sensor cable
  • Operating gas temperature: 100 – 800 °C
  • Measuring range: NOx 0-2000ppm


  • Independent standalone component
  • All electronics and drivers are integrated in the sensor
  • No additional hardware in engine ECU required
  • Preinstalled Continental Software – no customer application software necessary
  • Standardized electronic interface with bidirectional digital data transmission to/from engine ECU via CAN Bus

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