When an error code appears on your dashboard, it is likely that a part of your car is not functioning properly or needs replacing. If your car has popped out CEL and after doing diagnostics you are getting the following error codes P229F62, P229F, P229E, P2200, P2201 or P2202, P11DC, P11CC, P11DB, or P20EE it means that your nitrogen oxide (NOx) sensor is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced as soon as possible to avoid soot as it might damage the catalytic converter.

Below you will find all information about Nitrogen Oxide in short NOx sensors how does it work, what it does, how to replace, part numbers, and much more, where is Nox sensor bank 1 sensor 2 or bank 1 sensor is located, and much more other useful information about AdBlue system.

Nowadays all cars, trucks, HGV, Lorries, Tractors, and other motor machine manufacturers such as Audi VW Ford Citroen Peugeot Renault Dodge GMC GM Mack Chrysler Mopar Dorman Jeep Volvo DAF Iveco Cummins Duramax Iveco Isuzu Mercedes-Benz Porsche Land Rover Mazda Perkins Komatsu Caterpillar CAT Perkins John Deere Bosch Denso Delphi and Toyota are using NOx particulate sensors to comply with environmental laws around the world.

Exhaust after-treatment malfunction is a very common issue for cars with the AdBlue SCR system.

The main suppliers and manufacturers for NOx sensors in the automotive industry are Bosch, Continental, SiemensVDO Siemens VDO, NTK Japan, Cummins CES, and Mopar which manufacturers control units with integrated NS11A part number probes are made by NGK in Japan.

If you notice that only 8 wire NOx probe is faulty and needs to be replaced you can get in touch with our customer support and we will supply all the parts required for DYI. This simple “trick” using our NS11A NOx sensor repair kit will save you hundreds of pounds.

We can also offer other NOx sensor repair kits for NGK or NTK brands – heady duty equipment, trucks, lorries, HGV, buses, tractors, etc.

Modern cars like Mercedes-Benz models, including the A-Class, C-Class, E-Class, ML, GL, GLE, GLC, S-Class and Sprinter, Audi A3 8V A4 B8 B9 A5 S5 A6 C7 C8 A8 Q5 8R Q7 4M, VW Touran Sharan Passat Golf Tiguan, Touareg, Arteon, T-Roc, Seat Alhambra, Leon and many other have a NOx (NOxC3 or NOxC4) sensor that detects the amount of nitrogen oxide your exhaust system is producing. A NOx sensor is a requirement under European Union emissions laws and ensures that your engine is running cleanly and efficiently. The nitrogen oxide sensor usually sits beside your car’s catalytic converter and reduces harmful NOx emissions. All cars that are Euro 5 or Eur

Mercedes-Benz cars usually have two sensors per car – one downstream and another upstream sensor, on some schemes it shows up as before catalytic converter and after.

There is 2 NOX sensors fitted on the exhaust system bank 1 and bank 2, they are also called upstream and downstream sensors on the star xentry software system.

The definition of P2202 error code on Mercedes-Benz is NOx Sensor Circuit range performance issue Low Input Bank 1.

P2202 code and the following ones are related to NOx sensor issues, P2200, P2201, P2203, and P2204 when it monitors a fault within the NOx sensors or their circuits.

P229F P229F62 P229F63 P229F92 and P229e error code stand for NOx sensor’s short or open circuit or range performance issue at bank 2.

Some cars manufactured by BMW, Audi, or VW have only one sensor fitted on the exhaust system and the second sensor is O2 also known as Oxygen Sensor, Lambdasonde, Lambda Sonde, Zonde.

But all newer models with EURO6 certificate have two control unit sensors fitted per car – one before diesel particulate filter (DPF) also known as a catalytic converter to measure out NOx content going to it and another sensor after catalytic converter measuring the number of nitrogen oxides leaving exhaust system.

The main Audi VW Crafter Seat Skoda error code for SCR AdBlue (BlueMotion) fault is P229F P229E P229E00 P2202 or P2200.

Possible symptoms and causes of P229E fault code:

  • Faulty Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Sensor Bank 2
  • Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Sensor Bank 2 harness is open or shorted
  • Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Sensor Bank 2 circuit poor electrical connection
  • P229E – NOx Sensor Circuit Bank 2
  • P229E00[101] NOx sensor 2 Bank 1 Electrical malfunction

The P229F62, P229FE1, P229F63, P2202, and P229E P1033 NOx sensor error codes will pinpoint the problem, but you may have already noticed your check engine light coming on, black smoke being emitted from your exhaust, or that your car is not as economical on fuel.

Your car’s computer will flash up these error codes if it receives a smaller voltage than expected from the NOx sensor signal wire. A broken or shorted wire, or an unwanted build-up of soot and debris, may cause this. The different error codes refer to the two banks of your exhaust system: P2202 will show if there is a problem with the first bank, while the other two will highlight a problem with the second bank.

For VW cars sometimes it shows a warning message with the text “check AdBlue – no engine start in 500 miles”, even though the AdBlue tank is full or not empty as it says on the display.

There are several ways to fix the P229F62, P229FE1, P220162, P2202, and P229E P20EE00 sensor error codes. You may find that the reductant tank simply needs to be washed through and refilled, however, you may also need to replace a sensor also known as a probe (lambda sonde) or the entire module. This latter option is necessary if another testing has failed to rectify the issue.

For GM, Chevy Vauxhall, and Opel cars there are a little bit different kinds of CEL fault codes, but still means the same as other ones mentioned above in our blog.

P11DC P11CC P11DB P2BAD P20EE error codes are very common between GM group brand cars such as Opel Vauxhall etc owners with diesel engine Zafira Tourer C MK3 1.6 cdti or Insignia 2.0 cdti the same issues could be related to other car models manufactured by these brands such as Corsa Vivaro and so on with 2.0 CDTi engine.

Vauxhall GM and Opel trouble codes with explanations:

  • P11DC – NOx Sensor Current Performance Bank 1 Sensor 2
  • P11CC – NOx sensor 1 Performance Signal low
  • P11DB – NOx Sensor Current Performance Bank 1 Sensor 1
  • P20EE P20EE-00 – Nitrogen Oxide (Nox) Catalyst Efficiency below Threshold
  • P20EE00 – SCR NOx catalytic converter bank 1 error message: efficiency too. low sporadic fault
  • P11D8 Nox sensor 2 defective
  • P11D9 Nox sensor 2 low voltage
  • P22A4 Nox sensor 2 heating voltage too low

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