In 1920 Bosch came up with a device name ‘Fuel Injector’ for diesel engines that was a boom in the field of combustion engines.

A fuel injector is an electronically controlled mechanical device that is used to inject/spray (just like a syringe) the fuel into the engine for the preparation of correct air-fuel mixture which in turn provides efficient combustion to the engine?

The position of the fuel injectors differs for different engine designs but normally they are mounted on the engine head with a tip inside the combustion chamber of the engine.

Fuel injectors are the necessity of all automobile vehicles these days because-

  • The working principle of internal combustion engines directly indicates that better the quality of fuel-air mixture better will be the combustion which in turn provides higher engine efficiency, so we need fuel injectors which provides far better air-fuel mixture quality than carburetors.
  • The improper air-fuel mixing provided by carburetors leaves various un-burned particles inside the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine which leads to improper propagation of combustion flame due to which  engine malfunctioning known as knocking or detonation takes place, so to avoid this almost all the vehicles on road today adopted fuel injection technology.
  • The wastage of fuel in the form of carbon or un-burned particles inside the combustion chamber directly reflects the mileage of the vehicle, which is not desirable, so to avoid this, adopting fuel injection technology becomes essential.
  • In case of carburetors, controlling the air-fuel mixture quality and timing(fuel metering) is not precised as in carburetors, the adjustments can be done mechanically, but when it comes to fuel injectors due to its smart electronically controlled unit or e.c.u high precision of fuel metering can be achieved.
  • It has been seen that not only the mileage but also the performance of the fuel injected vehicles is better than that of carbureted vehicles.

The advancement in fuel injection technologies gave rise to various fuel injection arrangements like throttle body fuel injection, multi-point fuel injection, sequential fuel injection, and direct injection that can be used according to the application but when it comes to types of fuel injectors then it is really a tough call to categories them.