Ceramic Cylindrical High Load & High voltage DC Relay

  1. Controllable DC high current high voltage
  2. Compact structure, low working noise
  3. High safety
  4. Contact reliability is high
  5. No special requirement for installation
  6. Use diversity

Product Features

Special Epoxy seal, No arc leakage, protection class IP68

Compact structure, low noise

The mixed gas mainly filled with hydrogen can prevent the contact from oxidation and burning

30A 85℃ long time current carrying capacity

The insulation resistance reaches 1000MΩ(1000VDC)

Meets the requirements of ICE60664-1

Outline Drawing

Order Information

30A dc relay
  • ① Product Model: EV
  • ② Product Type:I: Epoxy Sealed Type
  • ③ Contact form:1A:1 Form A
  • ④ Series Code:30:30A
  • ⑤ Load Voltage: Blank:450VDC、750:750VDC
  • ⑥Nominal coil voltage:12:12VDC、24:24VDC
  • ⑦ Coil Lead-out Mode:Blank:None – Stripped Wires、C:Connector
  • ⑧ With Auxiliary Contact Or Not:Blank:Without、F:With Normally Open Auxiliary Contacts
  • ⑨ Form Of Load Outlet:4:Internal Thread、5:External Thread
  • ⑩ Characteristics Code:Subject To Customer Requirements