CR Systems Require Level Detection Capabilities

SCR systems have created a paradigm shift for vehicle operation. Put simply, the way vehicles cannot function when their fuel tanks are empty is the same way they also cannot function when their Adblue tanks are empty.

The ability to detect the presence or absence of AdBlue in the storage tank is, therefore, critical to the SCR system’s performance and to ensure compliance.

AdBlue level sensors take away any guesswork. These sensors determine the level of fluid in the tank and relay the information to the control unit. Depending on the input, the control unit:

  • allows the vehicle to operate normally,
  • returns a warning message to the driver in a visual (gauge) or audible alert, or
  • limits the vehicle’s performance, thereby stalling operation or reducing productivity until the AdBlue tank is topped up.

Since AdBlue consumption in heavy-duty vehicles is about 3-5% of total fuel consumption levels, a simple guideline is for users to fill up their AdBlue tank whenever the diesel tank is filled. And where there are no AdBlue filling stations, it’s recommended to carry along a top-up container.

AdBlue Level Sensor