A0009051612 Mercedes-Benz Nox Sensor A3C03398700-622 MB


A0009051612 A3C03398700-622

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Mercedes-Benz A0009051612 Continental A3C03398700-622 NOX Sensor

  • OE:  A0009051612 A3C03398700-622 
  • Made High-quality material for long-lasting durability Perfect match for the original car and easy to install
  • Enhance Performance, Direct replacement, Easy installation, High Reliability
  • 1-year warranty and fast delivery.

The NOx sensor is used to check the nitrogen oxide content of the exhaust to optimize exhaust and fuel economy.

Rigorous quality inspection and testing has been undertaken to ensure conformance to product standards

Easy to weld and install, and high sensitivity, fast response, stable performance

Warranty:1 Year

Mercedes A0009051612 Nitrogen oxide sensor is direct replacement to old mercedes benz or continental brand part.

If you have did on-board computer scan after seeing check engine light on the dashboard and your car is showing any of these error codes P229F62 P2202 U029E00 U029E U029D00 U029D, it means that NOX sensor has failed.

It is always recommended to fix this issue as soon as possible to avoid any damages to DPF filter, otherwise diesel particulate matter or soot can clog filter and it will cost you thousands to fix.

NOX stands for Nitrogen Oxide.

Error cleaning may be required, but just once after replacing upstream NOX sensor on the exhaust system.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 6.8 cm


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