ML239299 Nox Sensor 5WK97200 Mitsubishi Canter After Cat


ML239299  5WK 97200   5WK97200

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ML239299 Nitrogen Oxide Sensor NOX Sensor 5WK9 7200 For FUSO


ML239299  5WK 97200   5WK97200

100% NEW

Voltage: 24V

Length: 890MM

Brand:  SHR Autoparts

The NOx sensor is used to check the nitrogen oxide content of the exhaust to optimize exhaust and fuel economy.

Rigorous quality inspection and testing has been undertaken to ensure conformance to product standards

Easy to weld and install, and high sensitivity, fast response, stable performance

Warranty:1 Year

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 6.8 cm


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