441-5127-03 NOx Sensor 441-5127 CAT 5WK9 7354 HYN2937 4415127

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441-5127  5WK9 7354  HYN2937  4415127  5WK97354

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441-5127-03 Nitrogen Oxide Sensor Nox Sensor Catalyst Lambda 441512703 441-5127 24V 6pins For Caterpillar Doosan

Nox Emissions Sensor Gp (engine out)

OE Number: 441-5127-03, 441-5127 ,4415127, 441512703
Cat exhaust NOx (nitrogen oxide) sensors consist of an electronics control enclosure cable assembly and a NOx probe. The sensor is used to measure NOx levels in the engine exhaust for the purpose of providing closed-loop feedback to the engine after treatment control system. The sensor communicates measurement information over SAE J1939 datalink.
• Provides real-time measurement of Exhaust NOx levels.
• Provides real-time measurement of O2 in Exhaust, below 20.9%.
• Can self-diagnose shorts and open circuits within the probe circuit.
• Multiple sources addresses available to allow for multiple components on datalink.
• 24 volt
• Off-Highway vehicles as well as industrial, marine, and gas engines
• Cat exhaust sensors are application-specific sensors, consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm

24 reviews for 441-5127-03 NOx Sensor 441-5127 CAT 5WK9 7354 HYN2937 4415127

  1. Nathaniel Caroline

    high quality nox sensor, and good vendor

  2. Erin

    good quality, nice supplier

  3. Thomasina

    supper nice supplier, cheap and good quality

  4. Leo Freeman

    nice supplier, work good

  5. Owen Reynolds

    work good on Hyundai, good supplier

  6. leind lind

    nice products, work well and good price

  7. Valerie Carnegie

    The seller send 5 pcs via UPS, it about 7 days I get them, good quality

  8. Giles Melville

    All sensors work good, take 7 days , thanks

  9. Porter Clemens

    perfect products, work well , will come back soon

  10. Xaviera Raymond

    good supplier, buy regular now, all sensors work good

  11. Basaville Vaso

    good Nox sensors

  12. James A. Townsend

    the product work well on my excuvator, nice seller

  13. Yeo Mccray

    Good quality sensors, super good vendor, they feedback quickly

  14. Bruce Curtis

    high quality Nox sensors, work on my vehicles, thanks

  15. Chelsea Peck

    I am happy with this shopping, all sensors working

  16. Dorian WOOD

    I receive the sensors today, its looks good, hope all they work well

  17. Dorian WOOD

    The sensors ship to me take 10 days, 2 pcs both work well, I will buy more next time

  18. Puteri Kimma

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  20. Lwin Min Htet

    the sensors come 7 days, work good, the vendor is nice, I will buy more quickly

  21. Ahamd Johd

    查看NOx Sensor 441-5127 SENSOR GROUP Nitrogen Oxide for CAT 5WK9 7354 HYN2937 4415127
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  22. Aaron Kenneda

    pleasure shopping, now I trust SHR and recommend to my friends

  23. John Davi

    good vendor, the sensors good

  24. Jorge Serrano

    Great, the supplier ship fast, and it work well

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