The FP2000 sensor is an accessory designed to complement electronic control systems in mobile hydraulic applications. It is a ferrous proximity sensor that can sense ferrous objects and is available in two versions: ‘site A’ with ‘normally open’ contacts and twelve inch leads with an attached Deutsch DTM connector, and ‘site B’ with ‘normally closed’ contacts, flying leads or other connector types.

One of the key properties of the FP2000 sensor is its reliability. The sensor is made of glass-filled nylon plastic, which provides strength and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for rugged applications. The sensor uses non-contact technology, which means it has an internal reed switch that ensures trouble-free operation. The sensor is very robust and can withstand harsh conditions.

Another important property of the FP2000 sensor is its ease of installation. The sensor is well designed for the mobile hydraulics industry, with a sealed Deutsch connector that is designed for automotive use. The connector is combined with potted electronics, which gives the sensor excellent protection for exposed outdoor applications. The sensor also has extra-large mounting holes for easy alignment, making it easy to install and remove, even in field conditions.

Overall, the FP2000 sensor is a reliable and easy-to-install accessory that is designed to complement electronic control systems in mobile hydraulic applications. Its glass-filled nylon plastic construction, non-contact technology, and large mounting holes make it a robust and durable sensor that can withstand harsh conditions, while its sealed Deutsch connector and potted electronics ensure trouble-free operation in exposed outdoor applications.

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