NOx Sensor Freightliner Detroit

MB NOx Sensor Freightliner Detroit Cascadia Replacement for Freightliner Cascadia 126 (2019- 2022).  Compatible with Freightliner Cascadia 2019 – 2022 Engine DD-13 DD-15. Fits Freightliner Cascadia 126 (2019 – 2022). INLET5WK9 7338A OUTLET5WK9 7339A INLET5WK9 7341A OUTLET5WK9 7403A INLET5WK9 6656B OUTLET5WK9 6657B


BMW NOx Sensor SCR System

Measures the level of NOx in the exhaust past the diesel particulate filter, part of your BMW’s SCR system, includes control module Diesel powered vehicles, particular turbocharged diesel engines, have very high exhaust gas temperatures due to the pressure and heat created by the ignition cycle. This is intended to reduce the amount of soot…

Hyundai Nox Senor KIA Lambda Probe Sensor

The Nitrogen Nox Sensor for Hyundai update from SHR Autoparts. OEM Quality NOx sensors, 1-year warranty, factory ship directly. HYUNDAI 296502U100 HYUNDAI 296602U100 HYUNDAI 296502U000 HYUNDAI 296502U010 HYUNDAI 296602U001 HYUNDAI 296502U200 HYUNDAI 296502U250 HYUNDAI 296602U200 HYUNDAI 296602U250 HYUNDAI 392652F100 HYUNDAI 392652A110 HYUNDAI 392652F300 HYUNDAI 392652A200 HYUNDAI 392652A300 HYUNDAI 392652A350 HYUNDAI 392652A410 HYUNDAI 392654A300 HYUNDAI 392652A400…